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      [short x, short y, short width, short height, char *title, short fpen, short bpen, unsigned long flags, unsigned long parent, unsigned long processid]

return data type:
      unsigned long.


creates a window in memory, however it will cause the window system to add this to the window list to top, other windows that are ALWAYS ON TOP, this new window will be rendered under the top most window.

it will return the location of where the window object is stored in memory.

The Flags

x – starting location on the X

y – starting location on the Y

width – is the starting width of the window

height – height of the window

title* – a pointer to a const or a string which should be terminated with a NULL, eg “hello world\0”

fpen – Foreground colour, RGB565 format

bpen – Background colour, RGB565 format, if both fpen and bpen = 0, then the OS will choose the window colour

flags – flags to determine the configuation of the window, eg WINDOWS_FLAG_CLOSE | WINDOWS_FLAG_RESIZE

parent – the window pointing to the parent window

processid – when multitasking each window will need to know the programs processid, so when programs close, all windows attached to it should close 😀



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