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      [short x, short y, short width, char *inittext, char maxchar, const unsigned long *hwnd]

return data type:
      unsigned long.


Creates a text box for editing a single row text box. The box will show only a portion of the text inside the bounding area, the cursor location is to indicate where new text will be added.


Text input once the box has focus, using left and right location buttons.


none. Yet


TEXTBOX1 = CreateTextBox(10, 330, 200, "Long text message for test some long text box too", 64, &hostwindowlptr);

There are no flags

x – starting location on the X

y – starting location on the Y

width – width of a button

inittext*– on creation, put this text in now.

MaxChar – maximum number of letters stored in this text box. 32656

hwnd – the window handle this textbox is to be attached to! this will create the textbox in the windows object list. NOT the windows list!



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