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      [short x, short y, short w, short h, unsigned long flags, const unsigned long *hwnd]

return data type:
      unsigned long.


creates a scrollbar, the default scrollerbar contains 16 steps and a max value of 16, using setScrollbarHMax or setScrollbarVMax can alter the max range from 0 to max.

Once created, it will return the location of where the object is stored in memory.


Getting the scroll bar’s value would need to use getScrollbarHValue, or getScrollbarVValue


none. Yes

The Flags

x – starting location on the X

y – starting location on the Y

width – width of a button

height – height of a button

flags – flags, combining these will allow for both horizontal and vertical together

hwnd – the window handle this scrollbar is to be attached to! this will create the scrollbar in the windows object list. NOT the windows list!



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