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      [short x, short y, short width, short height, char *title, unsigned long flags, const unsigned long *hwnd]

return data type:
      unsigned long.


creates a button, these buttons can be used as button options (cycles)

it will return the location of where the window object is stored in memory.


to make a normal standard button no special flags would be needed it would create a button much like this:

a cycle button can be created by simpy putting in a string like this “go #1|go #2|go #3” it will look much like this,  the OS will set the button flag automatically and each time this button is clicked the internal value will increment by 1 and go back to 0 when too many clicks have been done.


CreateImgButton is slightly different, this is a button that just shows an icon as a button

The Flags

x – starting location on the X

y – starting location on the Y

width – width of a button

height – height of a button

title* – a pointer to a const or a string which should be terminated with a NULL, eg “hello world\0”

hwnd – the window handle this button is to be attached to! this will create the button in the windows object list. NOT the windows list!



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