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The NOX Keyboard

Well, going to attempt to build the keyboard finally, while I put the OS on hold as im pretty stuck at the moment on that.


  • Create the circuit
  • Build the circuit
  • Program the Microchips
    • Will need an Interface for the USB Keyboard
    • Will need an Interface for a NON TOUCH screen display, 800×480
    • Will need an interface for the actual Keyboard Keys
    • Audio and SDCARD
    • The Main Audio Synth Chip all controlled from the RAM
    • Will have to figure out a DMA as all information will be going to RAM

The SDCard sound contain your samples, and saving and loading your song project

Will need to create the software for windows, which means im going to have to learn C#, since the Synth chip will mainly emulate the SID Audio, (filters, wave forms) and Advanced sample looping.


Might get a tad complicated! as it needs to run like a pattern, it also has to have programmed instruments for the note!

The Display will only show options and a crude tracker if needed,



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